About the Sport of Team Penning

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Team Penning is a sporting event that involves the movement of cattle on horseback by rider teams.


Created to preserve that traditional skill sets of working cow horses and handlers, Penning challenges modern riders and mounts to compete in a timed event to identify, move and pen specific cattle from a herd in a limited amount of time. Penning is a timed event that involves speed, precision and strategic planning in order to quickly and accurately cut and pen the cattle. In Penning, teams of three horse and rider combinations use their combined athleticism, horsemanship and general "cowiness" to humanely separate particular cows and herd them into the penning area in under 60 seconds. Time is of the essence in Penning, making this challenging sport even more exciting as the clock ticks. In seconds, the most skilled horses and riders can find their specified cow, separate it from the herd and move it to the penning area without ever touching the animal. Penning offers participants the opportunity to incorporate all of their working cow horse skills in a fast-paced, fun, team-oriented competition while embracing the roots of the western lifestyle. 

2017 Calgary Stampede Open Class Team Cattle Penning