Do I need any Team Penning Experience to join your club?

Absolutely not, we are always happy to have new members at our club, with or without any previous experience.  We have lots of seasoned Team Penners that will help you learn the sport as well as many new riders who are continuing to learn.

What is a Rating?

The CTCPA has a 7 number rating system as follows:

#7 – A number 7 penner is a top notch penner who has exceptional skills and excels in all areas of penning. Any rider that is rated a # 6 or # 7 by any rating system other than the CTCPA will be designated as a # 7 until rated by the National Rating Committee of the CTCPA.

#6 – A number 6 penner has elite skills, is highly proficient in all areas of penning and is highly competitive.

#5 – This penner is proficient in all areas of penning.

#4 – This penner is above average in most areas of penning.

#3 – This penner is average in most areas of penning.

#2 – This penner is developing his/her skills where they are no longer a beginner yet are not achieving overall average penning skills.

#1 – This penner is well below average in penning skills and is most likely a new rider or a new penner or a penner who needs to develop in most areas of penning. A # 1 penner might also be a former seasoned penner who can no longer be competitive riding above this rating because of age, health or physical ability.

How does LTCPA determine what my rating is?

When a new member joins the LTCPA by applying by mail or e-mail, that new member will fill out an LTCPA membership application as well as a CTCPA New Member Classification. The member will then be assigned a rating classification by the CTCPA rating committee based on specific CRITERIA, after conferring with the LTCPA Rating Rep.


This is a list of some criteria that should be used when evaluating a penners rating:

  1. Riding ability
  2. Ability to read a cow
  3. Ability to react to a situation
  4. Ability to play different positions
  5. Communication skills
  6. Coaching ability

Do I need to have picked teams in order to ride?

No, if you don't have any picked teams, you can enter your name in the Draws and have all your teams drawn for you.  You can put your name into the draw for up to 6 runs in each of the 5, 7 and 10 Class and enter for a chance to ride in the Open class by purchasing a SUPER PENNER raffle ticket.  Also, #1 rated riders can enter the 2+1 Class and ride with a #3 or higher rated rider up to a max of 6 runs.  There are plenty of Classes to choose from for every skill level.

How much does Team Penning cost?

We are  encouraging NEW PENNERS by offering a FREE 1st time annual membership and a reduced $15.00 per ride in any class to a maximum of three rides. 

Entry fees for the season are:
$40 / rider for the Open & 8 Incentive, 10, 7 & 5 Class
$20 / rider for 2+1 Class

Jr. Youth Class - (under 12 years of age as of Jan.1, 2019)
     (Maximum of two entries - free of charge)

Senior Youth Class – (13-16 years old as of January 1, 2019)
    (Maximum of two entries - free of charge)

For more information on Entry and Membership Fees, click here.

How far do I have to travel to participate or watch a show?

LTCPA shows are held in various locations such as Cold Lake Agricultural Society Arena, Lakeland College Equine Centre in Vermilion, AB and Sandy Flats Ranch in Chauvin, AB.  You can also check out our "Links" page to view other Team Penning clubs and locations.